Convert your family’s 8mm & Super 8 to DVD

At Keepsake Solutions, transferring home movies is one of our specialties! We've transferred thousands and THOUSANDS of feet of film and our clients consistently rave about the quality of the transfers and the professional delivery of their finished DVDs.

ScanStream DV8

Sniper Pro Telecine System

Our film transfer process is one of the best around and we think you'll be simply amazed at the quality of your finished DVDs!

Every frame of your priceless footage is meticulously cleaned and lubricated by hand before it is transferred to digital video using our ScanStream DV8 Sniper Pro Telecine System. This system offers true frame by frame scanning, ensuring a crystal clear image, with no flicker and zero hot spots. Every frame of your film is individually scanned directly to the 3 CCD, 700+ line broadcast imaging camera. We then perform the telecine pulldown process using CineCap Velocity software. This software creates the .AVI files that we import into Final Cut Pro for the digital video editing.